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A Quick message to all friends who added me to read fanfiction:


First and foremost welcome to my almost rotting and decapitated LJ! I would also like to thank you for having an interest in my fanfiction!! ^^ there has been a goos number of people who have added me to read my stories, and I'm glad! I'm happy there are still people who are interested in my stories, even going thru an annoying process of answering self Qs and adding me and waiting for me to reply etc... Eek!

But I have a request to make to you all ^^ if you read my stories, would you kind leaving a comment? Any comment, I just wanna know if you guys are *really* reading it and idk, not just adding make your friendlists bigger? Or something ;w; even if you just comment "read." It's all good so as long as I know you guys are reDing a^^;; I'm so sorry for sounding so demanding, this is also just to satisfy my curiosity of which fanfictions are read etc etc!

Oh, while we're on this topic! I would also love to hear you guys answer these Qs, just to have an idea where you guys came from! :)

1. How did you find out about my blog?

... Yeah there's just one question teehee :) I was honestly very happy to see people adding me to have a read at my stories, and also shocked! I wanted to know where you guys found out about me ^^

Have a greAt day guys! Countdown to vday? No? Ok. Hahahah -w-
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Putting all current Fanfictions made here ! :)

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♔Edit: 04/28/11

*Since I can't put up my other RyoDa fics here because LJ edit sucks now, Please go to my TAGS list ( HERE ) The only fics i will update here will be the multi-chaptered ones. :

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I LOCKED all my RyoDa fictions in my journal, due to circumstances. If you are still interested to read them, you can add me (and I will add you back), and leave a comment or message me here, or mention me on twitter @kyshtgms that you are interested to.
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I ws going throughspilledmilk25's LJ and saw it, looked like fuuun!! XD so, IDK how she did it, I'll do it like this then? XD leave in the comments what you want to see (me, my room my stuff etc) it doesnt matter what just leave whatever you're interested in and i'll take a picture! >w< 

idk if ppl will actually do this but yay lets give it a go >w< 
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[Sales Post] Group Clay figures!

I guys! I decided to really sell these small figurines since I really got good feedback from them! :) 

Here are some pictures:

T-B; L-R:
Fighting Man Tegoshi, Tegomass no mahou Tour Tegoshi, Tegomass no Mahou Massu, Fighting Man Massu, Superman Massu
Fighting Man Shige, Pinocchige (Pinnochio Shige), Fighting Man Koyama

Onew (SHINEe), Taemin (SHINEe), Key (SHINEe), Jang Geun Suk


(Some of the first things I made) like a Panda, Pig, Penguin, Monkey (lol yes, thats a monkey-- or a MonkeyxBear ahaha), a sandwich, hotdogs, rolled up sushi, and sushi. hahahhaa. 

*Other samples:

Nishikido Ryo in Ranger Outfit : [ Here ]
Mahou!Massu, Entertainer!Tegoshi, ABO!Shige, Newscaster!Koyama: [ Here ] ← the one's infront
Ninomiya Kazunari  [ Here ]

Of course, these are all trials, and if you have come to like them, you may order from me! :) 

I want to keep the distances short for now. Until I see how good this business will go, and until I set-up a paypal account (and get how it works), I'm keeping orders within Australia and Philippines only.


I've recently made a paypal account, so I can take in orders from everywhere around the world! however, I do have conditions for you guys too.

→ I will only be taking orders until the second week of the month. and I will ship them as soon as I finish all orders received within the given time. I do these figurines on my own, so please understand that it takes time to make them. Any orders that will come after the second week will be null.


If, let's say, someone orders the whole of Super Junior, the Whole of girls Generation and the whole of Hey!Say!Jump, I will close down the orders early. As mentioned, I do these by hand, and alone, and I can only shoulder an amound of goodies to make. 

For Australia:
1.) If you're ordering from me within Melbourne, I will agree with meet-ups within the city; We can talk about what center we can meet in, but more often than not, I prefer Parliament or Melbourne Central.
2.) If you're anywhere else within the continent, I can ship them to you provided that you handle the payment for shipping. 

Modes of payment:
1.) if we are to meet up, you can pay me there.  
2.) If you're anywhere else in Australia, you can bank transfer the money to me, or pay through paypal.

For The Philippines:
1.) I go home to the Philippines at least once (1) a year, so, if you guys don't want to handle any shipping expenses and handling expenses, We can meet up when I go home, or ship them from The Philippines (for a lighter price) -- I come home to Manila (Luzon) so anywhere within the area of Makati, Greenhills and Ortigas is a good place to meet up. But I would prefer most probably SM Megamall for meet ups.

I will post the date of when I will come home, and if you are willing to wait until I go back to the Philippines, then this is a pretty good deal. 

(Tentative date of my paguwi sa Pilipinas: Late November 2012- December 2012.)

*The text will be in bold if the date is sure.

2.) If you aren't willing to wait for me to come home, then you can opt for paying through paypal. However, you shoulder Handling and shipping fees as well.

> If the business within these 2 countries go well, I will expand to international buyers. :)

1.) SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE. For the meet ups, I will trust you that you will buy the product that you have ordered.
2.) For Bank transfers, once you are all decided, I will e-mail you my bank number and when I get the payment, That's when I'll start making your figures! My bank is Commonwealth.
3.) Please tell me if you want it as a keychain or just as a plain figure.
4.) No Refunds or exchanges after you've put in the money.

Information on the product:

1.) the product is made out of Polymer clay
2.) The weight of the product is: 
→the bigger one: 1lbs
→the smaller one: 1/2 lbs.
3.) The size isn't too big, its a little bit bigger than  my thumb:

whereas the smaller ones are a bit over half the size of the bigger ones.

4.) It wont mold out of its shape coz the clay-type is cooked (refer to link)

I will be selling these for:

>Au 4$ (the one's at the back; the ones a bit bigger than my thumb)
>Au 2$ (the ones in-front; they're half the size of my thumb)← Ideal size if you want it as a keychain.

Rate converter )

6.) I can do whoever you want me to do, AS LONG AS YOU PROVIDE A PICTURE.

7.) Postal services: [HERE]
*I strongly suggest you buy BY THE BUNDLE, or BY THE GROUP. Because as you can see, one piece isn't too heavy, and if you order just one and you'll be shouldering the shipping and handling fees, you will have second thoughts. And, why not have the complete set of your favorite band right? throw in some of your favorite animals, etc! 

If anymore questions about the product don't hesitate to ask me by inboxing me here, or leaving a comment, or mentioning me on twitter: @kyshtgms ! :)


<b>Email address:</b>
<b> (If From the Philippines) Are you willing to wait for me to come home? </b>
<b>Group/Member you want made:</b>
<b>*If you are ordering the group, who's the extra person that you want?:</b>
<b>Mode of Payment (Meet up/Bank Transfer/paypal):</b>
<b> If MEET UP, please tell me where,when, and what time you are available:</b>
<b>Details you want on your figurine? (E.g, Keychain or not, clothes [like from a certain PV or era], etc.):</b>
<b>Please insert of the picture you want me to copy:</b>
<img scr="LINK HERE">


If you buy let's say the whole group (E.G., NEWS) I will give one figurine for free, your choice of person, your choice of style. :)

Again, this is still on trial, I want to see how the business will go and eventually expand if it all goes good. Thank you!

NOW OPEN FOR ALL!  OFFICIALLY OPEN AS OF 27/02/2012! it will be closed on 12/03/2012!!

if interested, please come here: shelovesbananas to order!
 (Its my account as well, just so I dont confuse private and business ^^) 

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 hi guys. I'm here to post about my Hiatus.

I was planning to announce my hiatus after doing the Ueda POV for Extra Terrestrial, but it seems I just really can't write anymore.

There's a good reason for me to stop writing, and classes isn't even on the list. School never became a problem for me because I allocate time quite well, so to speak. 

I'm not announcing why I'm going on hiatus, but a number of people know already . Well, not alot, only those who I trust well. The reason might be shallow for some, but I'm glad that those people I told why understand my situation. I'm pretty sensitive, I'm not going to lie.

I'm sorry, I haven't really lost my mojo to write, but the thing is, when the idea comes to me and I try to write it down or type it down as free flowing as it could go, THAT would hinder me from writing.

It's no one's fault really. I've just written something that made me "Are you really worthy of a writer?"

I'm not fishing for compliments. It's just that I want everyone to know how I feel, and (partly) know why I wanted to stop.
Don't worry, I'll forever be a RyoDa shipper, I don't think I'll ever stop being one. (: you won't be losing another fan. I'll be lurking around as well, reading stories and all. :) 
To all my readers from before to the readers I have now, ninja or not, Thank you so much for your comments and support. I couldn't have made 4 yrs (?) worth of stories without all of you. To all my friends I've met in this fandom, Thank you. You've all made my life so much brighter and fun. I can't even fathom the love I have for you guys, even more for this passion we all had, and to some, still have.
This fandom has made me meet beautiful people who I will cherish for the rest of my life. I know, I'm making it sound like a goodbye, but it's not. You'll see me around. (: And who knows. if SOMETHING changes *around* I might just come back and write away love. (:
Thank you once again, and have a good day.